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Buy GW2 Gold from Trusted Sources

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Guild Wars 2 is a European and American fantasy RPG game developed by ArenaNet and operated by Warfire Interactive Entertainment. The plot takes place 250 years after Guild Wars. The game is set on the Tyrian continent and tells the story of a legendary hero gradually rising. This game was awarded the "Best Online Game of the Year" by Time magazine in the United States. The famous overseas game media IGN gave it a 9-point rating, ranking among the best in the history of international online games.

Guild Wars 2 Features

1. Free Adventure

Unprecedentedly large game map, the total area of ​​the map can cover 114 square kilometers of the real world. The top physics engine Havok gives this world a breathable vitality. Rich map completion. Two thousand exploration points are waiting for you to visit, and there are some secrets that have never been recorded on the map for you to experience the surprise of adventure.

2. Dynamic Events

Thousands of dynamic events are carried out around you in real time, presenting you with a real world. No need to form a team, no monster snatching, and every player who participates in dynamic events will receive fair rewards. Together with players in the same region, you can promote the development of regional events, uncover layers of mysteries, force the powerful mastermind to show up, and defeat him.

3. Personal Epic

You will become the protagonist and experience the magnificent historical events of Tyria. Your fate is in your hands, and a small choice between thoughts will change the future of the world. Participate in your friend's epic journey and help him create achievements. At the same time, let him help you on your road to destiny!

4. World War

An unprecedented war between 3 servers (worlds) with 2,000 people participating at the same time! The grandeur you have never seen! Everyone can join the war, and the victorious server will receive extraordinary rewards! Huge siege equipment and varied battlefield types allow you to experience the most shocking fantasy war!

Guild Wars 2 Professions

1. Warrior

Not relying on talent, faith, wisdom, or strength, wearing heavy armor, controlling anger, having the highest HP, and mastering a variety of weapons. The only thing in their hearts is war, and only war can make a warrior.

2. Stalker

3. Ranger

4. Engineer

Like to fiddle with explosives, reagents and various dangerous tools. By setting up turrets, they can quickly control an area and support allies with alchemical weapons, or destroy enemies with a large number of mines, bombs and grenades.

5. Elementalist

6. Guardian

7. Necromancer

8. Illusionist

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