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Buy Lost ARK Gold for Sale

Lost ARK is a top-down MMOARPG computer game developed by Korean developer SmileGate RPG and distributed by Tencent Games K1 Cooperation Department. The game was officially launched on July 20, 2023.

In the game, players will transform into adventurers and enter the Ark world. They will choose their favorite profession from a variety of job transfers to start their adventure. In order to find the fragments of the Ark, adventurers will sail through various continents and islands.

Lost ARK takes place on the planet of life "Akrasia", where humans, elves, Kona people, and Jiyan live on different continents. "Ark" is the primordial light with powerful power. It was created by Lupein, the god of order, and has been guarding the prosperity of the planet of life. But the chaotic forces that are constantly developing on another planet, the chaos star "Petrania", have always coveted the power of the Ark.

Each profession has a rich variety of skills and professional characteristics, and uses different weapons to fight. Players can choose one of the five initial professions: Warrior, Magician, Fighter, Shooter and Warlock to play the game, and can transfer to another profession in the later stages of the game.

By selecting skill attributes and attack types for each stage of combat skills, each profession using the same skills can fight uniquely. Whenever the combat skill level reaches level 4, level 7, and level 10, the skill talent slots of level 1, level 2, and level 3 will be opened in turn. Each profession can obtain awakening skills and characteristic skills, corresponding to different combat methods and effects. Players can accumulate gravity energy through ordinary skills. When the energy value is full, you can release characteristic skills to obtain powerful combat effects.

Weapons and Equipment

In Lost ARK, the player's equipment is divided into three categories: weapons, armor and accessories. In addition to quality, equipment is also divided into different colors. The front is mainly blue, purple, yellow, and orange. From left to right, the basic attributes of the right will be higher. Equipment of different colors can also be inherited. Wearing corresponding equipment can enhance the character's ability.

Different professions use different weapons. Weapons include melee knives, sticks, axes, long-range bows, guns, rocket launchers, and staffs and harps that need to be chanted. Armor consists of a helmet, shoulder pads, tops, pants, and gloves. The same set of armor and weapons has different attribute bonuses in 2-piece sets, 4-piece sets, and 6-piece sets. The accessories are composed of a necklace, 2 earrings, 2 rings, a bracelet, and an energy stone.

Item Enhancement

Equipment Enhancement

All equipment in Lost ARK can be enhanced, and only after enhancement can the properties of the equipment be improved. Strengthening equipment requires a certain amount of materials and gold coins. When strengthening equipment, the higher the equipment enhancement level, the greater the probability of failure. Part of the equipment item level can be inherited through equipment quality inheritance, but jewelry equipment cannot be inherited.

Imprint Enhancement

Players can increase the imprint points by wearing jewelry, wearing ability stones, and equipment engraving to achieve the effect of increasing the imprint level. The imprint level can be improved by learning the imprint book. The imprint points of a single imprint in the current version start at 3 points, and can be increased to a maximum of 12 points by consuming the imprint book. is a professional game items Shop.
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