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Buy Skull and Bones Silver for Sale

Skull and Bones, created by Ubisoft Singapore, takes naval warfare to a new level with an innovative naval combat system. You can choose to sail alone or with friends in the Indian Ocean to harass merchant ships. In the seasonal multiplayer mode, you can compete, and there is also a built-in 5 vs. 5 treasure hunt mode.

Skull and Bones content introduction

Welcome to the golden age of piracy as you set sail to plunder wealthy commercial trade routes. Transform into an insatiable pirate captain and join the battle for supremacy in the Indian Ocean to become the most feared pirate, or form a fleet of up to 5 people with your accomplices.

It is the golden age of piracy, and renegade captains command the most powerful weapons on earth: warships. In Skull and Bones, you are a pirate captain who is new but never satisfied with the status quo and refuses to accept the king's pardon.

On your way to becoming the ultimate sea master, you will build a fleet of customizable ships and hunt merchant ships on lucrative trade routes, defeating other competing pirate captains, memorable characters, or other players. To survive these unforgiving waters, you must form an alliance with other pirate captains to form the most influential pirate partnership and join the struggle by becoming too big to fall.

From fledgling captain to leader of the alliance

Choose your own pirate captain and carve out a fearsome legend. Pick the right pirate ship for your play style and enhance it with rich RPG systems. Recruit your crew from the safe port of your hideout, customize your dream ship, and listen to the latest rumors before setting sail to make your mark on the world. Each successful heist not only grows your wealth and fame, but also draws the world and other players to challenge you, making sailing alone a dangerous gamble, so forming the most powerful pirate alliance in the Indian Ocean will be the key to your long-term survival.

Redefining Naval Combat

From the team that brought unprecedented naval combat to the Assassin's Creed series, you will once again experience unprecedented naval combat. You will experience the excitement, brutality and fast-paced naval combat as you fight for supremacy on the sea. Harness the innovative wind system to sail faster, shoot farther, deal more damage, escape critical blows, and gain the advantage to crush your enemies. Stalk your enemies and use binoculars to find weaknesses, call in your allies to hunt down and subdue large commercial ships or outwit your nemesis. Choose how you want to fight from a variety of tactical approaches.

Plunder trade routes alone or with friends

Explore a world where your actions affect the entire world and challenge your rise to power in the Indian Ocean. Choose your style: fight alone or ally with other players to take down fierce hunting organizations and their protected fleets. Rewards can be shared or kept by yourself, provided you are willing to face the consequences of betrayal and become the target of other players' hunting. Rumor has it that terrible dangers lurk beneath the surface of the sea.

Intense multiplayer online activities

Unpredictable waters divide the Indian Ocean into unique areas, where pirate partners fight fierce naval battles for wealth. Challenge rival players in competitive 5v5 battles, and let a variety of game modes lead you to experience the ultimate pirate fantasy as you plunder the Indian Ocean's most prosperous commercial routes and expand your influence.

Challenges are everywhere

Fighting all the way to the top will bring you and your partners more difficult challenges. As the game world evolves, Skull and Bones will continue to test your ability, greed, and the determination of your alliances. New and vast areas are waiting for you to explore, powerful ships, weapons and brave enemies are often accompanied by excellent rewards. These will entice you to sail across the Indian Ocean, with each victory bringing you closer to glory and a greater bounty on your head. is a professional game items Shop.
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