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New World is a massively multiplayer online open sandbox game. Players need to control their own destiny on a hostile and cursed road. What to do here, who to ally with, who to fight against, whether to live alone in a terrifying and supernatural environment, or to build a prosperous civilization with others, all of these are up to the players themselves. In this world of weather, seasons and time rotation, the only limit is the player's own ambition.

New World Game Background

Explore an open world full of dangers and opportunities, where you will create a new destiny for yourself as an adventurer who was stranded on a supernatural island. In the wilderness and ruins of the island, there are endless opportunities waiting for you to fight, forage and forge. This game has a non-class real-time combat system. You can channel supernatural powers or wield deadly weapons, fight alone or join a small team, or join a large-scale army in PvE and PvP battles - the choice is in your hands.

Write your destiny

For thousands of years, Aeternum has been the source of fantasy legends, and now you have found it. Without supplies and allies, you need to make your way in this dangerous world. Supernatural forces have changed all the rules. In this land, your destiny is yours to decide.

Magical Lands

The mysteries of Aeternum are as deep and dark as its history. Delve deeper into this world to uncover the truth about this island and the strange inhabitants who have inhabited it for millennia. As you explore Aeternum, you'll find beauty, danger, and opportunity everywhere. You'll need to use all your skills to find the island's riches - and survive its horrors.

Swords, Guns, and Sorcery

Equip yourself with brutal melee weapons, long-range artillery, or supernatural powers, and jump into New World's classless real-time action combat system. As you progress, you'll be able to decide how you want your gameplay experience to be - will you act as a protective shield on the front lines of battle? Will you cast spells from a safe distance to support your allies? Only you can decide.

Faction System

At the heart of New World's social functionality are the three factions, organizations of like-minded players and non-player characters with their own motivations and plans for the island's future. As a member of one of these factions, you'll wage war to claim, defend, and grow your territory. is a professional game items Shop.
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