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SMUGGLERS DEN whats CHANGED?! Skull and Bones

NKal: Dude, get Ubisoft to remove the manufactory defence please. I'm pulling my hair out with it
evol111: Grinding for materials by sitting on trade routes for two hours in head winds is bs. Too much grind
Heel_Nation: I don't know if I'm having very much fun in season 2.
The defense of your factories is kind of annoying.
Heel_Nation: They should make the defense thing an actual game mode, not a requirement
saus9870: Got the brig and snow at lvl 6 note the water consuming speed increase doesn't work anymore when going 20 knots already,so that's a bust my snow is also maxed out and shreds with a good brace build.
haleygarcia1: I want to log in and play but those darn defense missions have ruined it for me it's crazy
darkpit2157: The defense waves need to be nerfed lol it a bit much for one ship u can barely do it with two people basically impossible for solo
eirikgolden: It took this long fir ppl to realize this update is hella disappointing
oddcreature7629: Thank you for this tutorial. I definitely need it. I appreciate all your guides. I have a lot of work cut out for myself.
Crazy-Caveman-qh2dz: I upgraded all of these and i have not even bothered taking a manufactory yet
stickyfingers6969: Idk if i can be bothered doing po8. Still havent bothered doing la pest

May 31 2024

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