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Skull and Bones Season 2 Endgame Manufactory Changes Explained

jimbailey9830: They ruined it. Impossible to defend a manufactury
lasvista2tech: I think the main problem is that people expected western style pirate adventure from ubisoft but it's made by ubi in singapore and it's heavily styled after the grindy asian mmos, they enjoy playing a game as a job basically, the ubisoft singapore devs just dont understand our complaints.
DelaneWazHere: Great coverage; couldn't agree more that fleet management should have been separate to your own ships.

Hope they bring a 'set favourite' option for ship selection soon. I've built a fleet of snows since season 2, and now have the wonderful pleasure of sifting through multiple ships when I have to switch between my main ships.

With 40 Max owned-ships, it's going to be ridiculous.
pjtrant: I thought you could assign one ship to collect every manufactory in an area. Who has 20 ships fully loaded to collect things? best to just do it yourself. What a waste of an idea.
dalebirkenstock2580: I enjoyed Skull and Bones for a bit due to it being just mindless and relaxing after work. But since Sea of Thieves came out on PS5, I have not looked back and after watching this and seeing feedback from other players, it will continue to be that way. Skull and Bones could have been an all encompassing pirate game, but instead it's an arcadey ship simulator with pirate cosmetics. It's more akin to a mobile game than a full priced title. I've been having more fun with Sea of Thieves and its unlimited things to do more than any other game I've played in my over 45 years of gaming.
upfor: Al be taking a break until they nerf the manufacturing attacks its way to broken right now its legit impossible for a solo player to be successful i hope they fix this soon because i wanna get back into the game and grind po8.
SimonAshworthWood: Thanks for the knowledge. I accept the parameters and I’ll use this knowledge to enjoy and succeed.
The_Liquidator: As they do with alll games, it's frusting enough to stop playing it. I have 2 lvl 10 factury's and had one attacked by almost 15 ships. Done in seconds, so bad!
cdb3g: Everything you’re complaining about is exactly how they said it would be. Which is why you can build more ships sir. I definitely agree with you on the defense they’re going to have to nerf that a bit
StanRoberts: Yup, time to move onto another game. Thank you very much for your insight. :)
Caz0427: I wish they'd allow you to manage your ships without having to change your current ship. Having to change inventory over is an extra unnecessary step. Especially when upgrading, just make it another feature where you can pull up your ship (like in the menus) and adjust equipment from there.

Jun 02 2024

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