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Skull and Bones, heres what happens at reset. Ubisoft caves to participation trophy players

reaver357: Kinda a slap though for the long gamers. Game was over $100 then $80 now it’s $20 on Ubisoft site.
chefspider1: Bummed about all those banked po8, a lot of work to be reset. A fresh start to season 2 isn't a bad thing tho.
OGvCINDER: All the grinding I did was for nothing. I am so so mad.
Rexflexall7881: Well, looks like I'm going on a shopping spree at the Black market lol. Thank you for the video sir!
Beldea98: I still need more space in warehouse for so many types of items, upcoming furnitures and weapons. 200 isn't enough even for this season, idk were we gonna deposit all our stuff
I got only Red Isles unlocked at lvl 10, do you recomend me to only unlock Africa and East Indies untill the end of season for those upgrades in S2? I don't really understood what are those acording to factories we own
NewWave101: Great job brother! I’m bummed on the 8s. I have over 10mil and looks like they really don’t mean anything lol.
tonynicholas3401: Dang i have already bought all schematics and such and still currently have over 4 million pieces of 8s left so all that grinding was for nothing. Losing all 76 manufactories i understand but damn
millwallgary3597: Thanks for the Info just deleted the game now
CraftologyRadio: Thats 100% going to be ship management area.
OGvCINDER: They need to change amount of stuff you can store if they’re going to do the game like this 200 slots is not gonna be enough

May 18 2024

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