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Skull and Bones Free Week Trailer

Chamungus: lol 2 months after release date it's already in free trial and 50% off, quadruple A game as ubisoft said ladies and gentlemen
rrr5108..: This game wasn't disappointing for people, because nobody thought it was going to be good
PRDrRank: We at AAAAAAAAA yet?
r.m.2598: Looks like it didnt sell enough.
Steveishungry1: Free week plus 50% off? You guys must be desperate for a game thats already bombed
aryansardessai3512: Most useless trailer ever
i_shubham_mehula7638: make it a free to play live service game
Darkdiver28: this looks like a mobile game
Acid_Burn9: You should be paying people to play this game not the other way around.
jayfrazier2506: Nahh, you couldn’t pay me to play this
droppedmycap1594: About as interesting as finishing homework assignments.

May 31 2024

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