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SHIP UPGRADES all INFO! Skull and Bones

weRnd1000: I’m annoyed because things you need to upgrade your ship take all day to collect items. It shouldn’t take 12 hours to collect 25 casting sand.
MrWilliamx3: this game is getting better and better
joshs5386: I am also disappointed in the Barque's upgrades. it's my favorite and primary ship for battles due to the auto healing. i do like the brigatine's upgrades.
i was hoping to be able to add a 2nd major furniture to the medium ships when upgraded, but guess not.
was also hoping for more weapons in the black market.
maybe when we finally get the large ships, we will have two auxiliary and two major furniture slots
MrVictor1227: Barque needs better upgrades and small ships need a little bit more speed or people will still not use them. Maybe make one of the small ships the second fastest just behind the Brigantine or something
barneeyebay: The amount of shellac needed just stupid.
Daviduarte_27: So good to see the Sambuk getting up where it deserves to be.
ross3748: They need to do some with the defend manufactures the I’m good until I get to wave 4 it’s like ships just keep spawn in I counted 12 to 13 ship and if you fail to defend your manufactures you have to wait 13 hours that’s if yours on lvl 10
upfor: We need to make this a PSA TO UBISOFT everyone we need yall to complain to the developers to make changes and nerfs to the manufactory defense because its way to broken right now and when wave 5 comes your basically sht outta luck at that point and when unsuccessful its dum how you gotta wait a whole day for it to repair and that entire time you could've been producing po8 legit im calling for a huge nerf like a crazy nerf because how it is right now im at the point of taking a break until its resolved its not fun at all i love all the new content but that manufactory sht needs to be balanced.
barneeyebay: Cheers for the update, although slightly disappointed by the Brigs upgrades, I'm all about speed, helps me run away faster when things get tough.
ricksaelens614: I would even be happy if we just got cosmetic upgrades for the Dow I'd like a small fishing boat that doesn't look like it wants to fall apart lol
antisocialmotorist6909: First aid station Barque level 6 upgrade healing mines ontop of you 0.5% health regen, an armor of your choice HPregen, 10% weapon healing.

>.> someone should check if all that stacks, would be i dunno broken?

May 30 2024

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