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SEASON PASS premium WORTH IT! Skull and Bones

netwarrior1000: Can't say the premium parts of the pass impress me at all. Just like season 1, all too gaudy and not at all what I want for my pirate's look.
NKal: The diamond tier reward is really cool!!!
nubisimmortal: Wow.. Awful cosmetics for season 2. This whole flamboyant musical theater theme does not feel very pirate like, but that's Ubisoft for ya
cainecrosh7085: Last season you could look the furniture up in the codex and read what they did there
blod_blazer9067: God the new king cosmetic set in the clothes store is fire plus with the diamond tier mask makes it the best set
SenecaRaccoon: i went down the gunner just to unlock MJ!!! ;) haha i LOVE LOVE LOVE so much new toys to play with!

My only complaint: DEFENSE missions are HARD! TOO HARD!!! i tried 1 and by wave 4 there were more ships than water!
user-ru2ts3zg8m: I WANT MY PO8 BACK I HAD OVER 750,000 PO8 SAVED.....
tomc4920: One new ship was added terrible.
LTV249: This is so sick. Can't wait until the weekend to play
amc6354: Looks cool can’t wait to get on - quick question how do you use the free claim manufacture lease ?

May 29 2024

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