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SEASON 2 new STORY REVEAL! Skull and Bones

dezotn8442: dude next time let de video play first and then you do your talking
Enakaji: Going by the number of masts on those ships it seems as if the twins are using a large ship hull, so not one the players can currently get. Similar to the larger three mast Companie ships you can already see sailing around the map.
simplecapt: Looks awesome
barneeyebay: Dont know about anyone else but the armour looks visually horrific doesnt do the ship any cosmetic justice. It looks terrible.
shadowdragon_x7919: Dude game looks dope! Can't wait! It's just going to keep evolving!
MercysNo.1: The ship is called a Frigate
Beldea98: I think is fine to release a single ship/season as long as they add new weapons and furnitures. And I pray we don't get another pass with a pet as lvl 90/90 reward which does nothing and is pretty much unseenable unless you sail in first person which I very rarely do so personally. At least make pets give small buffs and follow us pasively on land (and please add diversity no more cats and lemurs).
Also have you tested the dishes I told you about that some videos ago that should enhance repair kits?
I wish we could see our HP as a number/full np not just the healthbar. Love your videos!
Herbystar: This is gonna be a wild season :D
In the deck they mentioned checking the possibility of long guns, torpedos ... as all deck weapons. But maybe it's just for the bosses this season.
davidwigginsjr241: Looks good can't wait for it to come out trying to finish season 1 I still need to get La Peste done
mustangjones67: I hope the new ship isn’t locked behind sovereigns.
johnnyortega7474: Been spending all my 8th

May 23 2024

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