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REGATTA race BUILD under 6 MINUTES! Skull and Bones

sodga8908: I just can't get the wind on my side then the event just becomes boring and not worth the time or effort
mattochse4063: Are manufactory defenses bugged? I have yet to have one show up for me
SenecaRaccoon: You can also get small boosts in speed by bump grinding your stern on shores. It feels a little 'exploity', but it does work! Theres a sweet spot that seems to reset your NEGATIVE acceleration. Setting you to top speed instantly. (assuming that makes sense)
user-np3wo9en1f: Have you considered any video on the new convoys. It’s theorized the Dutch and French drop new outfits and it’s confirmed they drop furniture.
georgemunford5357: What’s the best ship for a fleet, collecting PO8? Thinking a snow for its health and brace but not sure!
buckle_bunny762: whats the best place to farm shellac??
stahlpunk5148: I'm struggling to beat 9 minutes. T-T
robertkarp2070: Where you got to your last buoy, I came from the opposite direction and was blocked by about 20 French Sharpshooter ships.

Jun 06 2024

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