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Home Free Skull and Bones Opera Singer Reacts LIVE

tinanichols203: Home Free had a Sea Shanty Medley that went viral. That was why Ubisoft contacted them to write the sea shanty for the game. Chance was a sea shanty aficionado so he wrote Skull and Bones
vinnieblair8576: A LITTLE CLARIFICATION: Austin is not leaving HF to start a solo career. He is leaving to start a family and he wants to be home for the entire process and to have a family life in place before that happens. He has been without a home base for 15 yrs -12 yrs with HF and 3 yrs on cruise ships. It wasn't a career move. He just wants a home life now he has a wife. He would still be with HF if he weren't married. Please don't sell him short. He love the road as well. Just new priorities!
rainbowwarrior6452: The Bass Gang did a cover of this that's amazing.
JG-dt6qm: Chance is a wonderful lead in this, backed up Tim's booming bass. But Rob in the chorus! Wonderful!
sliceofheaven3026: I think they did this song for a pirate themed game from Ubisoft (named skull & bones). Though sea chanties are probably one of the more classical genre of songs that there are in the world. Sung historically by crews all over the world to break the monotony of working somewhat repetetive jobs and also to keep themselves in the rhythym with other workers. As the description of sea shanties says: "The shanty was quite simply a working song that ensured sailors involved in heavy manual tasks, such as tramping round the capstan or hoisting the sails for departure, synchronised individual efforts to efficiently execute their collective task, i.e. simply making sure that each sailor pushed or pulled, at precisely the right moment."
pauldamsma540: Their live version is good too, with the game in the background.
timworks991: When Home Free released their "Sea Shanty Medley" during the lock down and it went viral, the game company Ubisoft saw it and was so impressed by them that they reached out to Home Free and asked if they would be interested in creating an original song for their game (which was in development) Skull and Bones. Of course they jumped on that and their one and only sea shanty enthusiast, Adam Chance stepped up and wrote this master piece. Ubisoft introduced them and their song at the Summer Game Fest 2023, along with the lyric video which is what we had until now. This video incorporates elements of the game into the story depicted in the video. Well worth the wait, love it. What an epic original sea shanty by Chance and Home Free. You can tell Ubisoft contributed a lot to this video. Many have commented that it is like a mini movie including the end credits. In the credits the female pirate is referred to as Marianne and is played by Clair Glassford. The young Marianne is played by Kate Kilclough. Looking forward to what they have next for us.
itzel1735: Guitar and mandolin used in this. Including bowed guitar for the drone sound. And Chance said they used some real drum just at the end, for added punch.

This video must have been big bucks.

In concert, the only instrument is Chance on guitar, and we get to hear hints of Opera Rob, especially on the chorus.
plantlord3266: this is up there with voiceplay yoho-the girl btw is an upcoming actress and can be followed on you tube-her name is given with the credits at end-for no voice she acts and shows her emotions well-hope to see more of her.
kennethbryson7751: Enjoyed this Maggie, the production team hired by the video game company, of coarse would have a much higher budget! They came to Home Free after seeing their sea shanty medley! Adam Chance is an extreme sea shanty buff so Home Free knew that he should be the one to write it! Adam singing the entire song in the low octave and then Tim singing the entire song in an octave lower than Adam. Very low in some places! Gives a bunch of scallywags sound to the sound, too cool! Great video and great job Maggie! Low bass Kenneth
meemermarie1977: A good home free themed video is “brother”, cover of needtobreathes song. Lol they go larping

May 22 2024

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