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EXPLAINING Manufactories and Leases! Skull and Bones

BOOGERBOY1: The amount of grinding to get materials for upgrading all ships is insane
GOOSE-ep1iq: I can't be the only one who thinks this is way too much and way too confusing than it needs to be. I mean the main complaint was collecting PO8 they should have kept it the same way it was and just assign a fleet to collect them.
Yannick-lr6kn: I‘m definetely gonna get all manufactories again for the season 3 bonus but I‘m only gonna fund the ones in the Red Isle. They‘re more than enough to get to diamond rank again. Having all 76 running at level 10 was so expensive and unnecesessary
mmtoyota18: Need a custom set so cosmetics can be applied one click.
cainecrosh7085: They made it way too complicated, probably gonna do it manually again lol
DecimVIII: I should quit my job, I only have 5 manufactories... what a slacker!
willscurran: Everytime you say "level 11" I am getting Spinal Tap vibes.
awesomecreationschannel: What ship should I upgrade though?
emilsemosegaard6749: Why would we invest a lot of time and get more ships etc. If we can still only transfer 300k to next season, then all of this is useless.
gilbertbaldwin3677: do you get so much silver brother.. the video
ianwalls4976: Does anybody know if the servers are down every time it puts me back to main screen

Jun 01 2024

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