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Epic builds for solo players on Skull and bones. Sambuck, Brig, Barque

joshs5386: that sambuk build you showed the other day for defense is a monster. ships go down in an instant with the ablaze and the demicannons on the side that just destroy all. havent lost a defense since. the most recent defense i had, the settlement had very little damage taken.
bubba2645: I wished more people would team up just for more loot alone and then play all the solo ya want. More loot for all helps all. Why do people insist on “solo” even when farming? Nice videos dude, they help a lot to understand the ships better.
nickthorn8843: Are you using medium or small ships to run your manufacturies? I been doing smalls close to home and mediums for further out.
apb0621: Hey Banished, loving your channel. Thanks for all your hard work and not being annoying lol
bluebriguy2132: Love your videos! Thanks for all the great information. I am using your Sambuck build and it really is "phenomenal" on these factory defense events!
brycelothian5544: Druister North foundry broken doesn't except helm leases!
reaver357: Pretty sure the plunder music is the same from assassin creed odyssey when the player gets into a fight.
Unrelated I know but
Kleacs: firebombard boucaners is the call you can basically sit still and destroy everything around.b
you should definetly try the padewaekang for the farm of shellack its a beast go full moon's meg , in front twin balista full structural damage , boucaner hull the new rocket auxilary , and this thing SHRED
Beldea98: I am still very sceptic of spending sov on Faule Ile. Only piercing perk vs Zam3 who got Raider 50% and Burning perks. Considering ships like Barque and Snow have weakpoints only on bow side all they have to do is know where their weakpoint is and turn the oposite side while fighting vs Faule Ille.
I am currently at 5/6 upgrades on Sambuk, next one will be Brig. For who don't know yet Brig has 10 gun ports on sides so even more than Brigantine which has 8 and not sure but I think even Sambuk has 8 so it should have nice fire power.
pseudophi: COOL ship and sail colors. How you get them & what are their names ?
gilbey666: I totally see that it's great to build a ship that completely overpowers the opposition, but shouldn't being a pirate be like fly fishing? Yes, fly fishing, where you try to land the biggest fish with the lightest tackle?

I always find it really satisfying dispatching ships several levels above me, or am I just being a dumb? Or do I just enjoy making life difficult!

Jun 06 2024

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