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DO THIS before SEASON 2! Skull and Bones

chadcourtright7442: They are about to lose ALOT of players because of the Pieces of 8 reset! I will be one of them because I'm well over 2 million Pieces of 8 and worked my ass off for it! They will lose a lot just watch!! Thanks for the videos
zoniq985: they need to use the 40 ship in fleet feature to make spare ships members of your fleet which you can take out on the seas and they just follow u and defend idk
oldcaptainjack: I wish they'd told us this about having all the manufactories weeks and weeks ago, I would have done it. I only have about 24 right now and never going to make 70 in the remaining time, but I could have if they'd have told us this was happening.
MATALIEBRES.: I hope that with the arrival of S2, very interesting by the way, it will help the trolls with their whining to leave the game, let the real pirates who appreciate the game play more quietly.
Thanks for the effort of the team, this time ago was hard as any other game in the beginning, I hope you continue to develop the game with new features.
Good video D3EATHWISH , cheers and good game.
dracolis6465: People say that the game is dead but what I see you guys Play a lot and you enjoy it
MrDino1953: Is there a site where we can read about the changes instead of listening to this wall of mispronounced words and chaotic video?
NKal: I have a little over 300k, I guess I'll do a few more runs to get resources and some gear before the season is out. I'm quite excited for season 2 with the fleet management and more ships coming. We've seen one now yes but I'm hopeful there will be at least 2 in total for season 2.
barneeyebay: I've just gone a million gold spending spree. My aim at the end of the season is to have all the gold collected and all factories showing as red, with exactly 300K in gold in the bank
calum769: Kinda in a good place then to be honest. I have all manufactories unlocked at level 10, currently sat on just over 500,000 pieces of eight so can just spend some on materials then and a couple of million silver.
77Zona77: I'm just buying raw materials because we have no idea what ship types will be the best Po8 runners until we see it.
FloydIII: The Le Peste Schematics "can" be Traded between Players.
If you have a Generous Homie.

May 18 2024

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