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DEFENCE BUILD you NEED! Skull and Bones

calum769: Seen people saying theyre having a lot of trouble with manufactory defence, granted iv only defended manufactories no higher than lvl 7 so far but the sambuk has been plowing through them for me. Iv done about 3 ship upgrades, have the new torpedos on front, standard fire bombard 3’s on sides, also have the bucaneers oath as armor, fire long gun on the back, and i think leopole as mortar. Honestly kinda makes me laugh how many people use brig or barque for activities where you need high damage output, I just feel the sambuk is king.
BOOGERBOY1: How do you get that armor lol and rockets lol
saus9870: losing my lvl 10 manufactory made me quit the game, so much effort and time just to take it away for 14hours due to this absolutely horrendous defense mechanic what a waste of time this piece of crap game is. no fun whatsoever just frustration due to massive drug use at ubisoft i suppose. how can any sane person come up with this crap.
w4rsn0w56: where i can get the armor
NKal: This build definitely helps but the manufactories which are in open seas were still insanely tough. This one will help last out till we get the update. Cheers mate!
SenecaRaccoon: I think, if they would allow repairs on the settlements during defense, it would be much better. Like spend a repair kit on the town. all cooldowns activate on healing as usual. Can't heal yourself if you just healed the town.
OGvCINDER: I got to try this build I have been unsuccessful 6 times trying to defend!!! Love your videos brother
umerfarooq-xp2gt: The new brig or the sambuk ?? What should be upgraded??
lent454: Ha! 1st
outcastedknight9163: I used a slightly different idea when it came to my build. I put the zam 3’s on front and ran the fire bombard 3’s the rest of the way around with the Leopold 3 in the aux. It seems to work well especially with the area of effect spreads to the other ships

May 31 2024

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