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magsical: According to Skull and Bone Tools, the Long Nine's damage against weak points go from 3029 to 3162 with the Long Gun Works furniture, so I'm guessing Piercing counts as elemental.

Edit: And apparently, according to the same tool, the Tearing Culverins do around 700 more sail damage than long nines (given all shots land), and since you only need one Long Nine shot to land for Mast Breaker (once buildup is close enough), you could keep them at bow and stern. Haven't tested that myself though, you might risking having a culturing trigger torn sails and lose the mast breaker opportunity, and you also lose range.
SteveSchimmer91: Omg i never knew the Sambuk had that many guns on the front!
Im so embarrassed ive put in 200 hours and didnt know
Beldea98: I still wonder if anyone else use Le Fleau for anything...very nice auxiliary weapon but can't compete with Leopold 3. Lower alpha damage and the poison and reducing stamina is not such a big threat as it should because noone is crazy to stay stationary in it, i would expected his to shine in the poisoning perkthat it should be the real threat since is theme related to being La Peste auxiliary. Leo 3 is just superior as alpha dmg and inflicts severe damage over time on hit comparing to Le Fleau where you must be stationary to constantly be poisoned which don't deal much anyway so in PvP is pretty irelevant and haven't seen much use in PvE also..
About Scurlock L9’s on Brigantine that furniture probably works only at piercing damage, I tested multiple times against sails and it does no difference, still needed 4 hits from bow port with front L9’s to torn sails as it did without the furniture. I personnaly use the projective speed for L9’s because firing from long distance projectiles tend to move slowly (you can see in cutthroats and also at rogue ships when they fire those piercing projectiles, usualy the smaller rogue ships) until reaches target so is easy to dodge or miss. Also if they make the torpedoes follow targets imagine that on Brigantine and then ramming the ship incapacitated and moving extremly slow because flooding and torn sails, it would basicly have no counter. I am excited to see what they bring for countering torpedoes if they change themas seen (and I hope they do, they have limited use and very hard to predict to aim even for me playing on PC).
I still can’t understand why Snow and Padewakang has only 4 furniture slots always forcing to use at least 1 epic weapon to keep that lvl 12 ship which is prety frustrating and is limiting us and I strongly belive they should make them hold 5 furniture station as other lvl 5 ships like Brigantine, Sambuk and Barque.
NKal: I sometimes have to play your videos in slow-mo especially when you're giving tips and discussing builds.
Pug-uo1ib: Piercing extra damage and extre damage to sails
Rexflexall7881: Can confirm on Brigantine long 9's build. I got smacked around last night in a cutthroat cargo hunt by a player using 9's on all ports
netwarrior1000: I thought the new torpedos coming have to be steered by the player? So they don't actually 'lock on' in the sense of being a fire and forget weapon right? I think that if this is correct, the new torpedos might a bit situational in terms of their utility.
christophergaming1515: Hopefully in season two we can sell or dismentle are ships for different one for fleet say didn't want that ship
simplecapt: Hyped for season 2

May 27 2024

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