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BLACK MARKET what to BUY! Skull and Bones

haroldowens7736: They added so much content in the game it’s crazy I like it I like it a lot
MatthewChampiones: Bro game sucks so bad
mikaelowe8430: dont forget to do the races cause you can earn regatta tokens from it wich you then can exchange for regatta ship and captain vanity set

so there is two new ships in season 2 brig and regatta ship from regatta tokens
Malboja: My god why can’t you pronounce any of these words properly
Hellracer0643: im glad u got ur stuff,,, 30 hrs have passed sins the update en i havent got the gilden set our the newly bought expensive cosmetics, not to mention the set i already bought and shit gets added to it and dont get. have a feeling they gonna say u gotta REBUY (btw having a case open about this)
mikaelowe8430: any idea why it says chat service has encounted an error or that some players chat is disabled or limited?
simplecapt: Bro I want your poncho so bad ;C
thegogsunit4084: haha Fanta Station
KingPlaty: One thing has me pissed off about new season. They literally robbed me of 40k of my coins of eights. I had 340k yesterday and I log on to have 300k even. Is there any reason they would straight up jack 40k of my coins
DarkestHobbit: you might not be able to claim it cause you storage is full.

May 31 2024

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