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New World's BIG Announcement | Asmongold Reacts

txsnowman: Ive said it a million times. The only way theyre saving New World is to do a Realm Reborn style relaunch of the game. The game was shiny on the outside but fundamentally broken
ericresh3268: They are going to announce that you have to link your PSN account to keep playing the game.
user-sj9ye7rn9p: New World had so much potential.
RamzaBehoulve: New World is an Early Access game with high potential. It has yet to be released.
ingiford175: So they announced they are going to have an announcement in a month?
SpartanOfLuxon: New World is one of the only games that the real world cash shop offers less enticing outfits than what you can find in game.
bopbop076: Incompetent Lead dev, making a "PvP" MMO oriented, to then release it into a PvE focused MMO, to then unrestrain PvP design again... Garbage.
These guys have no idea how a core MMORPG matter and how community works, and they are lead dev, this is astonishing.
JGburneraccount: we need boats, we need naval combat, this game has so many pirate stuff but NO BOATS?? WTF
ermutanda3802: I'm sure the 9000 people playing New World are thrilled

(I did not make this up there's literally only 9000 people playing it and half of them are bots)
dorminbased: The moment they released paid DLC for what was essentially a beta version of the game i uninstalled and simply cut my losses.
Bankai90: Niceee, just 2 years too late
TheMatamor10: "you can still login" yeah unless you buy the DLC you're not doing anything.
OneTwoMark: New world’s combat, with ESO’s world/lore and SWTOR’s dialogue and quests would be the best MMO.
SmokingMan26: Find it kind of wild anyone would be excited about a Lord of the Rings mmo more so after that Amazon LotR tv show....
E.G.I.L.3D: So no swimming? Didn't know this game is a sequel to Vice City
sonicmarsh232: The only thing that stops me from playing is the same thing that stopped me from playing ESO, I can't keep going into a server at 200 ping with horrible desync. Server problems can be worked on and improved to perfection but if the desync doesn't change the game is dead for anyone that wants to play regularly.

May 10 2024

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