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New World season 5- Prepare now and make tons of gold!

With the upcoming release of New World MMO's Season 5, known as the Season of the Guardian, dropping on March 12th, it's time to gear up and prepare for the exciting new content. In this article, we'll discuss some simple strategies to help you make gold and get those coveted new artifacts.

One common method for gold-making involves buying materials off the trading post, but given the lower player population this time around (approximately 10,000 players worldwide), it may not be as effective. Many resources have already been bought up, causing prices to rise. Instead, consider focusing on old trials or arenas, such as Avarice, Cybermet, and the Siren Queen, to obtain three new artifacts: Gravity Gloves, Tempest Great Axe, and Nature's Wrath.

To craft the required orbs for these trials, you'll need Runestones, Loadstone, and Elemental Cores. Farming Loadstone and Elemental Cores directly could prove more lucrative than buying them from the trading post, especially considering the increased prices.

Loadstone, the most expensive ingredient, is best obtained through farming, while Elemental Cores require Elemental Motes gathered at the stone cutting station. Depending on the artifact you're aiming for, you'll also need specific items like Fancy Shells, Glowing Swamp Moths, and Firefox, which can be farmed in elite areas.

Additionally, Season 5 introduces changes to cooking recipes, requiring higher-tier legendary fish. To catch these, you'll need top-notch fishing gear and access to three-star hotspots. Consider farming or crafting fishing gear, such as the Fishermen's Vengeful set, to make the process easier.

As the new season unfolds, these tips should help you amass gold and acquire the artifacts you desire. Don't forget to explore elite areas, farm essential materials, and adapt your strategy based on the changing dynamics of the game.

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