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Making gold in Season 5 - New World [Season 5]

In Season 5 of New World, making gold can be approached through various methods. Here are some strategies to consider:

Crafting and Trading: Crafting valuable items such as high-tier weapons, armor, or consumables can be profitable. Look for items that are in high demand among players or are essential for progression. You can also buy low and sell high on the trading post, taking advantage of market fluctuations.

Resource Gathering and Refinement: Gathering and refining resources can be lucrative, especially if you focus on rare or high-demand materials. Keep an eye on the market to identify which resources are in demand and gather or refine accordingly.

Farming Elite or World Bosses: Elite mobs and world bosses often drop valuable loot, including rare crafting materials or powerful gear. Forming a group with other players to tackle these challenges can increase your chances of obtaining valuable drops.

Completing Expeditions and Dungeons: Expeditions and dungeons offer challenging content and valuable rewards upon completion. By running these activities regularly and selling the loot you obtain, you can earn a steady income.

Participating in Territory Wars: If your faction controls territories, participating in territory wars can provide significant financial rewards, including taxes collected from players using crafting stations and trading posts in controlled territories.

Fishing and Gathering: Fishing and gathering resources from the world can also be profitable, especially if you focus on rare or high-demand items. Certain fish or herbs may be valuable for cooking or crafting, so keep an eye out for opportunities to gather them.

Completing Faction Missions: Faction missions often reward players with gold, experience, and faction tokens that can be exchanged for valuable items. Completing these missions regularly can provide a steady source of income.

Flipping Items on the Trading Post: Buy low and sell high on the trading post by taking advantage of market fluctuations. Keep an eye on the prices of various items and look for opportunities to make a profit by buying low and selling high.

Remember to adapt your strategies based on the current state of the game's economy and player demand. Additionally, investing in improving your character's crafting and gathering skills can increase your efficiency and profitability in various gold-making activities.

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