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How to Make GOLD in New World?

In this latest gaming journey in New World, our protagonist sets out to explore various aspects of the game, from crafting and forming a company to preparing for future dungeon conquests. Join the adventure as we delve into the world of Aeternum.

Crafting Adventures:
The player spends some time crafting items, leveling up their skills, and enhancing their gear. From forging weapons to refining resources, the crafting system in New World becomes a crucial part of the character's progression.

Company Creation:
Witness the creation of the "Dungeon Conquered" company, where the player aspires to assemble a team capable of swift dungeon clears. The company's goal is to become known for their efficiency in conquering dungeons, bringing a unique flavor to the gaming experience.

Faction Quests and Future Plans:
As the player ventures into faction quests, they aim to increase their faction reputation and unlock valuable rewards. With two new members on board, the team plans to level up their faction ranks and prepare for challenging endgame content.

The Road Ahead:
Join the player on their journey through the world of Aeternum, where dungeons, faction quests, and epic battles await. As the company grows stronger, the future promises exciting adventures and conquests. Stay tuned for more live streams, engaging gameplay, and the continued exploration of New World.

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Mar 11 2024

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