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Lost Ark Patch Notes with Henry, Chaos Rising

Akasera: You guys are so out of touch on how miserable the Elixir system is.
killy2626: cool stuff, except the content for those 142 people that cleared Thaemine.
petetam7394: God freaking damn, 7000 gold support for exlixir and contents for 153 HM Thaemine clear party, good game indeed . No wonder your Steam revenue is even less than Stardew Valey currently
juanpablogarciazermeno3770: I've been waiting so long for the new story, and Thaemine hard mode is a prerequisite? Usually I'm very positive about the game but this is just wrong... I haven't even cleared normal mode and dont have a 1630, and i know many people is on the same ship... sorry but again this is just wrong.
dutchbozo: Joke of an "acceleration" event, bots still going crazy, content locked behind Thaemine HM when only 150 players cleared it and terrible skins. Biggest L patch in a while
helioshyperion8077: fix the bots for christ sake!
RaduGaming90: 20k gold...omg so much ...u can do 2 legendary transendence with that or 4-5 trys on wep much gold ...
LuxAbortera: We need a pitty system for elixirs. That's all, no more and more elixirs, Just a pitty system and that's all.
DSoraK: im torn between liking the video because i want them to keep making these but also i want to downvote the video because of the endgame acceleration event and the skins being bad, so i'll just not click either
tom-ul1zh: Wtf are those skin is it april 1st today ?
ClouD4CS: for the love of GOD let us choose the skins that you gonna release only for EU/NA/ETC like they do in KR tru voting ...

May 23 2024

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