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jimbobborg22: The only way Lost Ark will start growing again outside of Korea/China is to have a separate development team working on a global Lost Ark. We have too many things meant to slow down Korean player progress left in our game when we have new raids coming out as fast as we're getting them. Also, they'll have amazing giveaways in Korea that everyone else will NOT get and we'll be barely mentioned again.

Also, we need another support, not a dps.
rc8929: That is sick of Korea is gatekeeping Behemoth on maxed wep transcendence after all the talk of how easy the raid is. Brutal.
petetam7394: This game needs a true normal mode for raid.
lainstructure: I expect west closure date announcement
devinsetiawan8863: i realize this since first may its getting harder to join lobby and its getting less and less lobby
and then wuwa come out its getting more more less
holy how ironic ppl in akkan hard only adding ppl 1620
DuhaTVONE: -Gold from masterpieces REMOVED
-Gold from mokoko challenges Removed
-Gold From rapports Removed
I get people who have 4 level 1 ENG. with half their gems to Brel Reclear lobbies I know for fact if I take them there not going to be able to clear the dogs SG/AGS are removing everysingle gold resources for new players so a new player can’t find resource to make his 2nd 3rd alt and you can only play this game one day in a entire week if you only have one char. So SG/AGS basically saying to new players "you get to have new chars. once every 6 months when we have new class to release either wait for that or go screw yourself" I am at a point I can’t ask my friends to come join the game with me
KG-mv5uo: Global Lost Ark is on the slow road to certain death/life support right now. Down to their last 8,000 players with an impossible vertical endgame to reach for new players while also having an the insanely high barrier to entry. Game is done in the west.
Nonamed70: you say you dont want elixirs to cost 5% less gold or anything, while we have this absolute pile of dogshit assault rift event in EU, where all you can buy from the shop is fucking random legendary card packs, stronghold structures and vitameows
Nonamed70: literally make 35 set 20 set and 40 set become 25 set.. dont make me spend 100s of thousands of gold to an upgrade that feels like shit. For weapon I at least get a fancy glow I can appreciate. Stop making toxic ass upgrade systems that feel shit to do. Transcendence is just that too. can we implement upgrade systems that are fun again? new weapon glows? lvl 11 gems? like actual visual stuff? I dont wanna spend 100s of thousands for 2 lines of added text to my novel that is my nightmare set.
joaopaixao156: how is it possible that a game like lost ark is competing with a 2003 pinipom game?

Jun 07 2024

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