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Lost Ark: Eye On Arkesia (May 2024)

cyborg7162: 40-50k ccu bots infesting servers are ruinning users experience but not a single word, complet silent radio.
1upAce: Riddle me this. How do they address the same latency issue with SA merging to NAE when they can't even solve NAW to NAE?
alexandrec.desouza5511: Do you like It?
skullthedragonful: What about the SA ping/latency after merge? Can we get a discussion about it?
brayan1612: "Legit" team XD
AetherIllium: Elixir boost? NICEEEEEEEE
cmaccheri: 84k concurrent players, game is popping off /s
pipocaacida5310: And what about SA lag? Fuck us?
gillmour7878: "Next week, we’ll share the Region Merge policy and what players in the South America and North America East can expect when they merge." Was the message in the notes of the 7th, when will we receive the policies?
juniisenpai3777: Bot Ark

May 15 2024

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