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Lost Ark Eye On Arkesia July 2024

Ronaldinhoo111: Very good
ibraheemnoubani: The fact you recognize Echidna as mom is funny asf
SunFoxPL1: Thanks for update :)! I hope to see some mokoko expresses ;).
steven99191: Thank you for continued communication with the community. Even short update videos like this are great!
rusher1744: Lots of useful info, and is always nice to see edits such as showing the skins ur talking about. Appreciate u
joeb734: Poor Roxx became a meme with L O A ON, should have expected it after the backlash over Ladon vs Echidna
oni6717: nobody cares anymore AGS its to late
MurderBurger2020: we need powerpass 0_0 and mokoko expresss
dragomango992: Hold I can play the endgame content solo? I don't need to party up with other players? If so, I'm definitely giving this game a try again.
Sky-12458: I hope AGS will offer lots of extras for new/returning players. Please promote it properly aswell!
nekura: So no powerpass? Really?

Jul 10 2024

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