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NoobNum1: Zerkers needed a 6% buff this is not enough
kingma2665: time to quit forever
41NewVAWE: GT nerf gotta be most Dumb sht i have witnessed so far in Balance patc History
heroblake6572: Finally my Paladin gets a buff
cyborg7162: GS main, time to exode, enough with bullshit and gatcha-mmo balance , ty Zeals anyway for the sum-up
XXShaka2592: why the fuck do they keep buffing arcana?? goddamit, nobody in that stupid company plays the game???
hubachecka: According to these DPS charts, Predator usually has a lower floor than Punisher... there is just absolutely no way that a smiliarly skilled playerbase would produce these kind of charts, absolutely no way. One has to manage meter and hit a very long animation locked skill while the other is full swift and basically insta casts in the back (yes, exhausting meter needs a bit of management but come on, just hit the boss?).
Some classes must have such a difference in the skill of their players playing it, like "worse players" automatically gravitate towards the easier version of an engraving, then artifically lower the median and floor.. right? Or am I just crazy.
Gorvak: Wait, blaster is artillerist? Gonna start calling myself Blaster. Assblaster
HerrBomba83: No love for bards again... sad day
ballerg3353: Who tf in their right mind is nerfing GT destroyer just because of 1 raid , then they should nerf every class based on a single raid where they peak perform , are their brain cells really working , nerfing GT is the most disgusting change so far , they nerfed GT before breaker release when there was no behemoth and now they nerf it again making new excuses

May 09 2024

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