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Korea Tries to Save Global Lost Ark us on Inven

Jonnyboy051900: the replies on inven telling NA to shut down and focus on KR...
clivewegner2656: EVERY system is gambling. NOTHING is just an upgrade. Even upgrading gems is a 50 50 slpit
VinsLeMans: Player base is trying to tell SG how the game could improve but in the era of profit over people there’s no way of removing the developers from taking any decisions that isn’t ultimately made to increase shareholders value. Fun isn’t the goal anymore, the gaming industry same as every other sector of the world economies is about extracting £ from consumers even if they have to force them to do so. First they get you hooked up and addicted and then they will make you struggle until you swipe for relief. Greed has won everywhere
thomasblake8504: It's funny how it is exactly what I was saying in the last video. It's obvious that the way the game is release and design is doom to fail but they won't change anything to adapt the game to the western audience and market because Korean players would go apeshit on getting the same treatment which would then hurt their bottomline, understand that any version outside the Korean version is bonus pocket change for Smilegate and they would instantly let any of those external version die than let it hurt their income.

I'm personnally waiting for the announcement at the next event but I don't expect anything, the game is in the same dire situation as last year and I just prepare to move on.
Also, let's be honest, 52k views but how many were bots ? 'cause since the last bot clean up, a few days ago, we lost more than half the population which is truly scary about how rampant and dire the bot situation is and I still see mountains of them where they usually camp.
Jaigarber: When will all the streamers admit that Thaemine killed the game?
sidtse1222: I think my frd and I made a good decision. We quit last week. We finally get back our lives. I initiated with a little hesitation and without a second thought he said yes. We celebrated…
Ippotsuko: please add a pity system to all rng systems in the game.
elixirs, ability stones, and bracelets all should have a pity system. also add rest of the legendary cards to wandering merchants (this won't help me but helps new players).
ItzyYou: even if smile gate is to self publish the game is still doom to die the endgame is focus on the raid and its toxic elitist unless youre a streamer youre not going to make any progress and the raid you are expect to run with 0 mistakes or its instant wipe and thats why i quit the game i play game to have fun not to be an elitist
antakara513: The game is just stale. Week-in, week-out you'd be doing the same thing. Which is very boring now.
3nzom4g29: The cure for this game is:
1)removing the gate to fight bosses
2) removing supports change them to DPS class
3) Make no wipe mech on normal
4)Change Elixir system
5)change the transcendence system
6) Make pity system for a quality upgrade
7)Increase artesian energy per honing
8)remove bots
krumdark: This game is bound to sunset. Lost hope.

May 30 2024

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