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Is Lost Ark Going in the Right Direction in 2024? | Miso's Souper Podcast Ep. 3 (ft. @Saintone)

kuraix9817: As a new player, even if solo raids "kills the game" its fine. I know that sounds extremely selfish but the game itself is selfish already. Watching 200youtube guides on a raid isnt gonna help much until you get actual experience doing the raid, which means you either gotta have friends willing to teach or find some randoms to teach and hope they dont rage at you... which sucks! Most guilds dont even want new players and even if they take you in you still gotta beg for them to teach you a raid. Let the solo raids come and if the game dies it dies.
Hydr312: Still dont see how supports will do solo raids lol
Trenk2009: Hear me out: Solo Raids NEED to be TIED to 8 man raids. The MAIN POINT of Solo raiding should be "less rewards but getting unjailed".
We need be able to go "Fk I got jailed on G2 Akkan... Alright, let me go do it solo for 65-75% of the rewards and then hop back on to 8 man G3 cuz groups in g2 are inexistant."
It is IMO very important for solo raids to offer a "crossing" feature allowing us to do this.
Don't get me wrong, if they end up just being a less exaushting form of gold generation it's fine, but that would be a missed opportunity in my book.
That's also why I think the 60-75% reward is important. If you go too low, they would be useless, if you go to high they would make 8/4 man raiding obsolete.
pete567: I dont have time to listen to this whole podcast but i can tell you that this game is heading toward the wrong way in both KR and Western. Just go to PC bang ranking in KR and steam top seller, both seeing lost ark trending downward since begining of this year . At the end of the day, you give player a shit treatment , they are not going to stay and spend in your game.

I agree that this game need to treat the casual players better. The raid has been too hard for the mass since Vykas . Clown with a terrible gate 3 design has drive so many away. and now we have Thaemine . This game wont grow , and to be honest the majority of playerbase are the one that

1st- dont have hand

2nd- dont have time to spend on a 40 hr prog a super hard raid
dennisbaauw: Returned to this game 3 weeks ago. I quit the game after Vykas. Now returning my experience so far has been very stressfull. The mokokopass is nice but it punishes you alot for choosing a class you didnt like eventually and you are stuck with it. All my alts are at 1460ish and all get rejected in vykas/valtan content because you need to be over 1540, have all the cards and gems etc. So you are going from lobby to lobby finding a group that takes you in. And once you get in you find out people dont know the mechanics and the group is gone again. Joining most guilds require you to know all the content you never did before and there is nothing you can do to progress without being dependand on others not blocking the door.
TheRealDecap: people that bus don't want solo raids lmao. "oh no my extra gold I make while gatekeeping new players that are actually trying to gear" humans be so weird lmao
oliverh.2450: So seriously what should a brand-new player do to have a chance to participate in these Lost Ark raids because that is the only reason that stops me from trying this game. Im a good raider, but if you dont even get a chance thatn its doomed from the start.
dhaha7: yeah i always see your videos on my feed even tho im not subscribed so you're definitely doing something right. but i enjoy your videos so here's a sub for ya! keep up the good work my guy.

May 09 2024

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