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How 1,000 Hours of Lost Ark DESTROYED My Life

jaimycakes: Took a break from ffxiv and sold my soul to lost ark. Its terrifying how much of a full time commitment is required to stay relevant in the game. I run 6 destroyers to maximize gems but i still feel behind. Got one character echidna ready but the amount of effort and time it took me to not only be ready for it but have the mats ready to advance hone was unfun. Spent the last week relearning ffxiv and surprisingly ok with the fact i only played my top two characters and over capped rested in the rest.

Will continue to play lost ark but will probably limit to 1 or 2 characters and prep for dawn trail.

Great vid. It hit home. Wish i saw what you saw at 1k hours. Took me 4k to realize i have stockholm syndrome with LA
KG-mv5uo: Great Video! Quit after 7,000 hours 4 months ago. Still keep in contact with the friends i made along the way.

Life is much more beautiful now.
Celis.C: It's a Korean game intended for a Korean audience. That culture and its players have a significantly different perspective on (MMO) gaming, so I'm not surprised that Korean style MMO's rarely become 'big' outside of (roughly) Asia.
I never got to play the game; it was banned in my country due to its lootbox system or some such. If games like these are ever to make it 'big' in the West, then they should release a version that isn't monetized to death. Granblue Fantasy Relink is a very interesting showcase for this; I actually enjoyed it, and especially without
Faaaxy: As someone with almost 4000 Hours into Lost Ark. Over time from being someone that used to hyper gate keep, I find myself moving away from that mentally and almost a complete 180 shift and helping new players to see the raids. I've also found myself outright deleting 8 of my 11 characters I had. some as high as 1600. Just to make time to play other games. I picked up FFXIV for the first time about 5 or 6 months ago and I've been having an unbelievably good time there in comparison. Sprouts are treated the complete opposite as mokoko's and it was then I instantly realized that yeah Lost Ark isn't going to be there very long if we keep this up as a community. While it's here, I'm going to enjoy it the best I can because this raiding combat experience really isn't even close to being topped in my opinion at least for now.

Loved the video by the way, really shows the issues of the new player experience to a more seasoned player.
funnycathehe: All your criticisms are correct but as someone who quit ffxiv for lost ark I am sticking with it until it eoses purely because lost ark hasn't forgotten about the G in MMORPG. I considered coming back for dawntrail but the contents of the combat live letter coupled w/ being told to wait for 8.0 for something to be done about classes solidified my decision. If there was an alternative with comparable combat/classes I'd stop doing 6 characters of raids and dailies every week, but since nothing comes close I'll continue putting up with it until solo raids/summer loa on/tier 4 (???) either save the game or kill it...

Kind of unfortunate that the genres stale enough for lost ark to be an appealing option but what can you do?
September-wx9tr: 1000 hours is rookie numbers, nice clickbait
Choji9x: the game is enjoyable up to 1610. Then it becomes a shitshow. The honing, elixirs and transcendence systems gold cost is insane. I think I spent more thank 500k gold just to get from 1600 to 1620. Elixirs and transcendence surely cost me at least 200k more
dasguten4084: Such a good video diary you can really tell those 1000 hours definitely speaks both to the casual and hardcore side of lost ark. Well express and thorough.
MaThMaTa1000: I really appreciate how unbiased you managed to be with your comments. Lost Ark feels to me like a giant missed opportunity. Raiding is peak entertainement, more than any other MMO that I ever played, but it's so much work to get to that entertainement that it ends up not worth the hassle.

I feel like If you remove 95% of the checklist systems, remove RMT shop, get a healthy stream of new players and have a tiered reclear system to tone down the gatekeeping, the game would seriously be one of the best out there.
scridernguyen: Appreciate the very thoughtful and unique perspective. We truly are on our last legs.

Jun 02 2024

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