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Why does EVERYONE Hate the Guild Wars 2 Levelling Experience? | (1-80) Part 1 | Mukluk Reacts

AmorphisBob: People who just want to skip to endgame will hate leveling in any game. The truth is, GW2 has one of the best leveling experiences of any MMO.
Salamandr0: The intro to this is so meta and I love it lol
TheBlarg113: Roze has the best skits in the GW2 space.
MrSavva101: "the average player is dps and the average player doesn't read tooltips"
Reading is a DPS Loss.
MartinGreywolf: For story up to level ten, a lot depends on the race. It's been a while, but IIRC norn and char tutorial ends with "okay, now go and become famous" and since your norn wants to be a legendary hero and charr wants to raise up in rank, you go "hell yeah we will go and become famous". Sylvari and Asura don't quite have that and human starting story was so generic I forgot most of it.
Mish844: I admire the level of chaos energy Noxxi brings in to your career
MrZerodayz: "I think someone should take him to chalice of tears"
The best ideas
MadTawnyOwlet: Do people hate the leveling experience? I really liked it, It gives a lot more freedom and room for exploration, compared to many other MMOs I've tried.

To be fair, I don't want to level traditionally anymore, because I've done world comp 4 times and leveled up 'legitimately' (no boosters) MANY more times, so I've had my fill of the early game content.
Rockalanche: I actually love leveling in Guild Wars 2. I find it relaxing, I get to do some exploration of the fun zones, gather materials, help out others in events. There are so many free exp books and other sources of exp increase out there that it doesn't take long at all if you just want to power-level.
cypherdk85: I started the game during a Halloween event and accidently went into the labyrinth, I got killed quite fast by Steve

May 10 2024

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