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Twitch Drops, Legendary Giveaway, New Fractal! May 16th Guild Wars 2 News

HarleyMaebry: Ah, yes, my favorite GW2 streamer: WoodenTeapot.
bobiboulon: Why did I just commented and liked the video? It will help it get better referenced, gain more views and thus lower my chances to win one of those sweet legendary prizes! I'm so dumb.
fnky: 6 years without missing a day is absolutely nuts. Congrats man! Love your streams, content, guides and let's plays on the second channel. Cheers Muk
ccrazool: Mighty Potatoes? :)
vladimir7409: This was kinda wholesome, thank you for your impact on the community. Much love.
notrlvnt: 6 years without missing a day? Holy brown cow! That is amazing! Congrats!!!!
Here's to more days in being a shoe!

Also, edit: interesting that in the outfits there is only one image where we see a Charr in the outfit xD
Hennerz8: You're literally one of the main reasons I started playing GW2, and your content has been invaluable to supporting my growth as a player. Thank you for what you do, giveaway or not, I would love to support you on your 6th year anniversery!
Jannah_2k: 6 years without missing a day? Gratz! That's some legit dedication and passion! Love it and all your content!
bobmatrix1: I am definitely excited for the legendary giveaways. But seriously 6 years without missing a single day that is an incredible accomplishment. Good job congratulations!
ravenssorrow: Excited for the new fractal. Hope it's a good one. Grats on 6yrs Muk.

May 18 2024

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