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THIS is how the YouTube Meta Works The Mukluk GW2 React Chain

MuklukYoutube: Finally, some quality content. I can't wait to react to this.
ae-noobprojects9680: I hope you get into a podcast one day with Muk, Lara, and teapot. That would be wild.
Spazmoid: Geting a legendary by exchanging gems to gold is more p2selfcuck than p2w, nowadays you can get an ascended weapon (exactly the same stats as a legendary) within an hour of gameplay. The gem to gold conversion is so bad that it's literally pointless to spend your money to buy gold.
ElderNewt: Idk why.. but this has become a fantastic thing to watch back and foruth ahaha
naek8629: You nurture some kind of epistolary relationship with Mukluk it's beautiful
warlocksm1: Story quests used to be not level gated, but last level 10, 1st level 40 and 60 quests give you black lion chest keys and people farmed them. So they 1st limited level 10 quest to give key only once per week, but people where doing level 40 with level 20 character so they introduced level gating story quests to slow down farming keys.
MatLinnett1: Reegarding names, I am lucky enough that my large & in charge Norn lady has retained her name; I can only assume the devs appreciate the pun; she's called Magnificent Chest.
melonetankberry5211: Yeah baby!
e2kx: Hey Roze. I keybound my dodge to V (or if you're using a non US keyboard, pick a key right above the spacebar on your left hand side) and just press V and Spacebar together and 9/10 I can pull the jump dodge off flawlessly. I found it super helpful as I mainly WvW, but it's handy in PvE as well. And yes, as someone in your chat said, Muk is in the Mistlock area which has a weird gravity that made him jump higher than normal while doing that. I'm not sure how I ended up on this vid but I thoroughly enjoyed it and subbing for more reactceptions lol
noobody89: You used to be able to start the main story right out of the tutorial. The thing is it got changed to level 10 because the level 10 story when done you get a Black Lion Key (gemstore item) to use on the in game chest to possibly get unique items. So, what happened is that people farmed this key (playing human/common at char creation) and it only took 8 min. (give or take) to do so and people would be around level 5 when they finished the level 10 story and have that key delete said char and rinse and repeat. Then they changed it to you have to be level 10 and changed it again to where now it's a once a week item you can get but they never returned it back to where you could start the story right off the tutorial.
ediGoesPRO: I never watched a reaction video about someone reacting, even tho its a thing nowadays, but damn was is fun to watch. Your content make a terrible day, a worth one

Jun 09 2024

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