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The Best Hidden Secrets of Guild Wars 2

Meew_: Okay but the Beacon of Ages Portal is so fucking cool. Playing for 10 years and I hate to admit it, but you got me with the majority of these.
Joobzy97: Nearly 3k hours and I knew basically none of these - I'm impressed
polychromy: 8.5k hours, 42k AP, and I didn't know a lot of these. Very cool!
tr7zw: Another one you might not know: in the mistlock there is a npc right of the bar using a hair style not available to players. Talking to her, she thinks you are just a part of the mists. You can bet with her that you will remember her. Leaving the mistlock and re-entering, talk to her again. Your character will tell her "see, told you so"... And she has no clue what you are talking about, since shes just a part of the mists herself. Another fun dialog is in the human home instance first door on the left. Really confused npc on why you are breaking into peoples homes looking for treasure.
PsydeON: For sure getting the bandana, even if it's just to not get it later when using guaranteed wardrobe unlocks.
Also, there's a chest similar to the Quaggan one that you can access by playing the organ in Ebonhawke
bartoszporzezinski4842: I just stumbled upon this dialogue in a tavern in Queensdale:

'Why do you think the centaurs are attacking us?'
'It's the apples.'
'Come on, seriously; how long has this war been going for?'
"I am serious. It's the apples. They are worth fighting for.'
DevaRoss-mt2nx: I'm surprised you didn't have the secret order base in grothmar as one of your favourites! I love the way you get to it with the tree puzzle.
StationOfbarny: My favorite secret is the Chamber of the Guilty in the Bastion of the Penitent, where echos of Saul D'Alessio's haunting past can be heard, which repeat without end.

They also mock him for not investing in bitcoin.
Czasoniks: By Ogden's Hammer! What savings?!
arkiespiritchaser8855: I have been playing this game for almost 10 years and I only knew ONE secret of these ones. Good job!
Sevard85: You can fed catmander cat in Quaggan Cave with can of spicy meat chili to add yellow catmander to your home instance (but first you need to unlock blue catmander as well).

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