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Studio Update: GW2 in Spring/Summer 2024 - May 14rd Guild Wars 2 News

Nkodtb: This is the 1rd time seeing someone write 14rd
Trigarta: I don't like Soto as an expansion and I don't think the last patch will change that, so I am looking forward to the expansions end. Hopefully the next one will be better.
handheadman: I hope an unannounced improvement is the ability to permanently dismiss/hide the giant notifications and comms bubbles that plague SotO maps.
Valdrath: So now we know why Muk's messages are left on read. When he sends them feedback the dev responsible just quits.
NickAM1025: I love the action camera mode. I'm one of the two!
Ashendal: I'm glad restructuring is actually coming out this year, and in a month at that. With how things have been going in terms of server pop and matchups it was just getting to the point of frustration for the smaller servers, especially when guilds kept jumping ship. I know solo players are going to complain at "needing" to join a guild now to keep playing with various people, but this should have been done years ago instead of being put off for so long.
Seighth: I was hoping for a preview of the Obsidian T2
Saolue: New ranger pet too - I find it odd they don't include it in the blog at all, it's just a tiny inclusion in the video graphic

May 16 2024

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