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Spear PreviewGuardian, Necromancer, and Ranger Guild Wars 2 Janthir Wilds

WolfDoggie: Nice to see Anet making character animations again.
LCAyoutube: the symbol for guardian is beautiful
GRIFFINPOLSKA: Please, her my prayers, let the Elementalists spear be a 1200 range weapon.
AikijinX: Now you can play Fetch with your Ranger Pet and this Spear.
ZeraphynxRaven: Guardian is now Gilgamesh and now has access to the Gate of Babylon
invadecanadanow: Ok Anet, now these are animations!
INOY: Finally new animations, not reskin and recolor old animations! Hopefully the studio will keep in mind that people don't want to pay for old content in new packaging.
7head7metal7: Necro dueling gets scarier with the movement skill, not gonna lie
m4rtx: That Guardian with spear and Aegis looks neat!
grymlohke9919: I main Guardian and the symbols look amazing but that Ranger move set looks CLEAN.
FalconStrikeGames: Woow looks dope af!
KROOF: Love having a trip being shown off!

Jun 07 2024

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