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POWERFUL Guild Wars 2 Weapons Actually from the LORE!

JDerpyDoesStuff: Literally the main reason I got calabolg was the lore, I wish every race kinda had a "legendary weapon"
RaptorJesus.: you can also own the mouthpiece of Stormcaller!
in GW2 its called "Mountaincall Warhorn" and it takes 29 points in GW1's HoM to unlock
christianboustani8284: YEEEESS, I was hoping you'd do this one! There's just something special knowing your sword is part of the lore

You can also get Adam as a focus. I've been using him for a while on my main
SwedudeEPIC: Praise Joko!
goopherfluff7996: as a feminist and a charr main i cant ignore Scorchrazor's Dagger. although it is not Kalla's weapon but rather a reference (which also triggers a unique dialogue if you are a revenant with Kalla chosen as a hero)
Insig385: I love caladbolg! the questline's so good and seeing trahearne again made me cry XD I'm aiming to make The Shining Blade as my second leggy sword, it's just so cool.
shadhunter: The sunspear staff skin is my fave on warrior, paragon RP ftw lol
krievsLV: i am a simple man, i see new Evan4K video, i watch and press like
bion-geek-le1109: not a weapon but my favorite lore heavy armor piece is the Dragonrender helm, it belonged to Asgeir the dragonrender, the savoir of the Norn and slayer of frostfang, he is also the one who knocked a tooth out of Jormag's own mouth, being the first to prove that the elder dragons could be hurt
Bando710_: thank you for this video ur cool
TheBirdsDen: the firey dragon sword has a LOT of lore behind it what do you mean my dude???

Jun 05 2024

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