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Lonely Tower Playthrough New Fractal GW2

IIIiiiDAWiiiIII: This fractal gona shine with affixes like afficted,social and puke. I have no clue how they can put this garbage boss with 40 milion hp in same rotation as decade old fractals which take 4 mins to complete and bosses have around 1 milion hp.
Dark_Wizard_of_Mu: It looks like they have a new hired devs. Anet doesnt know how to make fun fractals anymore.
rhettorical: It still frustrates me that they keep replacing what's at fractal 100. It needs to be Shattered Obs again.
imdamanization: The lfg will be CMs T4(-100,99)
Cosmia95: yeah... I'm on board with the rest of the comments.
20 Mins for a Fractal... Ain't nobody got time for that.
ahhou5800: this is not fractal.... this more like a raid boss fight, wth anet?!
MrsHjort: That end fight seems ridiculously long... Silent Surf is long too, but it has mechanics that makes the fight dynamic and fun, well, at least for me. This just looks spongy. No special action key, just vanilla stuff we've seen before. A lot of damaging stuff on the ground to tap dance around, pick up some orbs, shockwaves, cc... on and on and on for so long... meh.

Edit: this video didn't go into it, but picking up the orbs in the last fight gives you things that can influence the fight. The blue orbs make you do less damage, should be picked up by the healer. Others give more CC, more damage etc. Getting this right could speed up the fight. So, maybe not so spongy after all. Time will tell once we all figure it out.
garlin2019: Why aren’t they developing new raids with hard mechanics instead of short strikes and this fractal? This is boring..
dimasrahman9976: Tf 20 min fractal?
delrosarioj25: Anet pls make a seperate daily for those who do CMS on a daily basis and those who dont run CMS but still do the normal dailies. I dont want to waste like 1hour 30 mins for just fractals.
shannonharry: why don't they understand we do not want long arsed fractals?

May 25 2024

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