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June 25th Balance Update Preview Broadcast Guild Wars 2 News

aidonis98: Oh sweet! Know what my dream has always been when I'm playing Holosmith? Camping Grenade kit.

Blow my brains out.
captaincrapface7337: GW2 balance patch didn't make me eat wheels from neighbour's car out of frustration.

I wasn't prepared for that...
FaeMagic: I wasn’t expecting scepter buffs, but I’ll take it.

Tempest finally gets more cc on staff, so that’s nice. Fury on air overload feels like it should’ve been there already.
SoulCasta: Thanks for always covering these.
geraldwagner7347: the guy talks WAY TO FAST. dang
Twohawk: Sry to say this, but for me (as a non-native speaker) the sped up talking is very unconfortable. at 20mins i had to stop watching... sry
missk1697: Spectral Ring on necro really could use a shorter cooldown in PvE
cresentj: I wish GW2 would post more of their content on their youtube channel... contrary to the hardcore gamer bubble, not everyone who games uses twitch, infact most dont. Youtube would reach a farm broarder audience and they hardly post anything on their channel. It always feels like poor marketing is what really holds GW2 back from being more popular most of the time.
theblackspark2644: I'm not sure what they're talking about when they said ranger shortbow isn't used much in competitive game modes. Shortbow/staff druid is already cracked in wvw.
eonaon6914: I know Muk never played ele much at all but staff used to be MUCH better than todays, they nerfed the crud out of it because raids. That and nerfed fire traits so that its not useful to really be in fire for any length of time. Scepter has always been...odd. Technically useable but consistently weird.

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