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INSANE NEW GW2 STUDIO UPDATE! New Fractal, Convergence CMs, PvP And WvW Updates, And More!

blazingchaox: The story is so boring now, like that is the main thing they need to sell but it's so boring
lorkano: Anet still nailing it. Sure obscure was not for everyone but literally every anet patch has something exciting
PARADISE-404: this game is dead
gmmg8734: I’ll never understand how the story is the main seller for this game
RbDaP: Chill fog now only gives a metaphorical chill by making defenders more relaxed
Midaspl: Convergences CM is the closest to CMs for meta events I've been talking about for some time.
tempist001: Aaaaand that's why PvP is dead, it's gate kept by people that only really play PvP, or have played the game for 12 years. So what's the point for newbies or less skilled players to get into PvP and learn when all that happens is a 500-0 thrashing, especially when doing the PvP events that actually reward good stuff (like gold from ATs). Only way to get better is to sit and duel or slowly grind your way up the ladder to get better. I think ATs should be split into rankings, so players that are rank 1 gate keepers should only play vs rank 1 gate keepers, and silver plebs should play vs silver plebs etc.
birthdefect5706: Boring...GW3 waiting room..
bluevoltz1: I’d rather take out the bins then converge one more time
user-gp5md9tb3w: I see WvW update and I click.
michu1247: I should be excited about it but... eh
I am just not hyped I really don't care.
18000 hours in this game and I don't know if I will buy next expansion.
Guys am I just depressed or game is bad?

May 18 2024

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