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I Tried ALAC DPS BLADESWORN in Guild Wars 2 Thoughts

captaincrapface7337: Yeah, pistol being mele, summarizes greatly how arena treats warrior.

Nontheless, when it comes to Alacsworn, there are minor details that you'd probably like to know:

you don't need to fully charge, or land Dragon Trigger to applay alacrity. It applies when DT goes off, regardless if it hits anything, and you always get full duration.

You can use that to still apply alacrity when boes goes invulnerable, or anything in that manner.
Further than that both [Signet of Fury] and ["To the limit] give you enough flow to enter DT, which makes you capable of granting Alacrity, even completly outside of combat.
LikachuTheAchiever: You played it wrong see you tryed to do damage. But as a seasoned GW2 player you surelly know that only Engineer, Mesmer and Ranger are allowed to do damage. Warrior is suposed to be the emotional support to these clases. Its canon me.
beneteus3833: A trick for upkeeping the boons if the boss goes invulnerable or out of range - you can use dragontrigger 3 to always get your trait interaction.

for some reason it always counts as if you hit on skill 3.
Bunstonious: I love the ability to swap boons by swapping a talent. They need to do this more.
Evo__: Hello, just wanted to give a heads up that the SC build is now up to date, along with the HS build. The GuildJen build is slightly out of date but will still get the job done. You definitely want a Relic of Peitha but the main-hand options between Axe and Sword are very little difference in terms of dps (about 400dps) so it comes down to player preference. Thanks.
CubanViking79: If you feel you are able to get CC'ed in your Channel, you can pop the aegis 4 for the quick block if needed. Will help with getting your payoff. Sometimes you can't avoid..and that's unfortunate.
kessy628: Worth noting, the now-updated snowcrows build (since it got updated on the website between recording and release of this) uses Peitha relic, which wants you to use flickerstep (dragon trigger 5) before you do every slash for dps. You would probably want to use thief relic instead if you want to save it until you need it or otherwise not think about that piece.
kaltaron1284: An easy way to find out the exact CC damage numbers would be to record an arcdps log and look them up in there. But yeah, GW2 tooltips aren't always readable, useful, complete or correct.
amethystcloud8515: Good video. Idk if you saw tho the Dragon Trigger UI is still bugged and the squares flash in the wrong places.

Jun 05 2024

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