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Guild Wars 2 Best Open World Builds Update June 25th Patch

Safineya: At this point Hizen doing Anet's work for them because he finds all the strong stuff and Anet fixes it the next patch while buffing other stuff. It's a unending cycle indeed.
renandutra7564: One of the things I most like in this game is to follow your channel and learn how I can be strong in solo PVE content. I'm eager to see your thoughts about the spears skills.
Alteronx: The true boss for Hizen is vs Anet at this point. Gotta battle them every patch lmao
Andyboi_SK: Lord Hizen savior of all introvert solo players! Another informative video thank you
elocfreidon: I hate how Ele becomes squishier with every change. At least signet build will see more play. I like signet builds on every profession that has them.

I still don't like how condi is king for Rev.
ekkophantom: feels good as renegade enjoyer
TheVRL95: At this point, anet, just hire him, let him test open world content or find the gaps in the balance patchs. Love your videos, tysm for all the content
chester1882: Anet: Ah, at last. We have balanced the PvE meta.

DMC music getting closer

Jul 10 2024

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