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Get To The Point Lonely Tower Fractal Guide Guild Wars 2

PaladinVII: Do you remember when fractals were supposed to be quick alternatives to dungeons and not raids?
Pepperage Farms remembers.
Someguyhere111: "How much HP should this boss have?"

"Oh yeah, guess there should be a limit, huh?"
rishayd: Necro with minions where you can transfer conditions is free damage
LoLKostick: "I recommend dodging through the shockwave as it's less prone to error" is the nice way of saying "The hitbox is fucked and hits way in front of the actual shockwave"
FoureyesZero: Its nice to know just how terrible the boss is.
They need to remove this fractal from the game and redesign the boss into something good.
NewNecro: Instructions unclear.
Received despair attunement through Ankka knowledge.
ToukaGontier: For anyone super struggling, you can revive people during the CC phases as I find the boss stops most of its attacks leaving a good recovery period.
May or may not of done a 30 minute run reviving people who were fully dead during cc phases... lol
Kass1231999: Wanted to add a note. I have been pugging this for multiple hours, got it down once to 3% and cleared once on t4. And we have tried a lot of different strats for orbs, tank blue dps red, everyone for themselves, assign colors, and singular person gets all. And found out, though not optimal, the latter worked the best, you basically lose 1 person's dps, but everyone else can focus purely on their roles, which makes the fight more comfy and the overall dps was higher in our case. Of course we would help out on occasional good spawns but that's a given. The orb collector wouldnt do dmg for the most of the fight anyways, and we tried with a secondary healer or a scrapper with perma superspeed and tanky enough to be on his own
kaltaron1284: Nice that fractal runners can now dig for oil too. Also good to see how you demenstrated how to dodge out of the front pizza to get knocked back by the back part.
Can you distort or block Eparch's shockwave? My virtuoso doesn't like to move.
Cross_111: The CM will likely be the „real“ Daimos mechanics from wing 4 (needs aegis for swing, somebody needs to handkite) & Cerus does the empowered mechanicsfrom his CM…
dimitarivanov8864: This fractal feels harder than any raid/fractal or even strike fight on normal at least. Seems to be buggy as well, had a case where he threw orbs and went instantly into CC, sucking them all orbs to himself.

Jun 01 2024

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