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mizumisa6620: Lol I just said in game today: "They'll never make land spears, it's been 12 years." Well call me a fool!
GeminiKLY: They should absolutely combine strikes and raids into one system and add difficulty tiers. Also some QoL would be to make an interface similar to that of the fractal one for easier navigation to/between encounters.
MrDisphoric: I think the biggest thing they need to address if they want to do a strikes raids overhaul is the groupfinder. It's legitimately the most terrible one I've interacted with in any MMO. There's a reason any regular endgame players organize on 3rd party places like discord. THIS IS A PROBLEM. It's all well and good for people already doing it but a resource like that should be usable IN GAME, and since it's not that content appears dead to a lot of the people that look into it in hopes of trying it out.

They need to:
1. Fix the group finder to be good.
2. Add a third difficulty to make tiers of challenge easier to balance
3. Add commander functionality to group leaders or make a way to earn tags so more people are empowered to organize groups
Zulmofo: WHAT! LAND SPEARS?!?!? my dreams are coming true
AriManPad8gi: them being ethical is a point of attraction
adrianendresen3102: Soto completely killed my confidence in them to deliver quality concistently.
dieselsandwich42: It almost felt like Soto should have shifted the Nayos stuff to a second annual expansion and expanded on a Kryptis war there while laying hints and openings in the battle for Tyria in Soto. Would've been less thematic whiplash between updates too.

Kind of the same problem the squashed IBS storyline had where it started so strong and deliciously creepy with Jormag but then smashed Champions in there and did our boy Primordus dirty.
TheShmann: MightyTeapot spelled such a good point as he said that GW2's strength is open world, but it wasnt in SoTo. It really has to change for the next expansion. But the new teaser makes hope. I really like the new map style...
thesagejiraiya07: Do you think they will add the Paragon from Gw1 back into here? Landspears sounds the same, and they do have the desert areas already for paragon
BR1T89: So would you like the Wizard's Tower to be like Dalaran in WoW: a movable hub for multiple expansions? NGL, that would be cool.
mangoman93: I wonder if what they are doing with spears on land is not just slap a new weapon on every class, but a step towards unifying underwater and land combat. Maybe they'll - eventually - adjust functionalities so that all

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