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1.30 - Boune1.30 - Crail1.30 - Eratz1.30 - Galgarion1.30 - Henual
Dofus Kamas 1M
11.95 USD
Dofus Kamas 2M
23.85 USD
Dofus Kamas 3M
35.85 USD
Dofus Kamas 4M
47.75 USD
Dofus Kamas 5M
59.75 USD
Dofus Kamas 6M
71.65 USD
Dofus Kamas 8M
95.61 USD
Dofus Kamas 10M
119.51 USD
Dofus Kamas 15M
179.26 USD
Dofus Kamas 20M
239.02 USD
Dofus Kamas 25M
298.77 USD
Dofus Kamas 30M
358.52 USD
Dofus Kamas 35M
418.28 USD
Dofus Kamas 45M
537.79 USD
Dofus Kamas 60M
717.05 USD
Dofus Kamas 75M
896.31 USD

Buy Dofus Kamas for Sale

Dofus is a multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) developed by Ankama Games. Dofus Scythes are the main currency in Dofus. They can be obtained by defeating monsters, selling items, selling Ogrines, and completing certain quests or achievements. Scythes have no weight, which means that players can carry millions of sickles just as easily as ten. However, 1 trillion sickles is the maximum number of sickles a player can have in their inventory.

The symbol for Kama is a styled ‘K’. Any NPC or other game price using K means Kama. The suffix ‘k’ (short for ‘kilo’) means 1000 of something if it refers to an object (‘10k wheat’ means 10,000 wheat). When it refers to the currency, a k is used to represent normal units and double k (“kk”) is used to indicate that the item price is thousand. For example, someone buying a Tofu Feather for 20k means they’re looking to spend 20 kamas on it. Whereas if they had said 20kk it would have meant 20,000 kamas. However, if someone were to sell an item for ‘1.4mk’ this would mean 1,400,000k. MK means Million Kamas.

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