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Wow Gold: What’s Playing on Early February 2022

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Peerless healer. Gifted physician. Brilliant scientist. Angela “Mercy” Ziegler of Overwatch is a woman of many epithets, each a laurel bestowed upon her by those whose lives she has saved. To carry out her doctorial duties, she abides by a guardian angel’s dogma: Do no harm, suffer no fools, and always be ready. Like Mercy, you can prepare for the coming days by planning out what you’d like to play on

Every few weeks, we sample some of the limited-time highlights and “don’t miss” occasions to help you hit important dates and maximize each in-game moment. 


Ring in the Year of the Tiger

Celebrate the return of Overwatch Lunar New Year festive new content and returning brawls!



Enter the Black Temple

Join the Battle for Mount Hyjal, defeat Illidan Stormrage, earn your Netherwing Drake mount, and more in the latest Burning Crusade Classic content update. Those who want to brave the two new raid instances must complete the required attunement quests first. Learn more about attuning to The Battle for Mount Hyjal and Black Temple .



Change comes to Sanctuary with the 2.4 Balance PTR

Experience new gameplay additions on the PTR (PC only) and share your feedback with the Diablo II: Resurrected team. This balance update brings viability improvements to each class along with new Rune Words, more Horadric Cube recipes, and other exciting features.



Buddy up for Patch 22.2

Every battle’s better with a buddy! New this patch are Battleground Buddies, unique minions designed to synergize with each Hero’s gameplan. Plus, try out changes to different modes and check out the newest building in the Mercenaries Village.

Feb 02 2022

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