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Wow Gold: The WoW Variety Show is back and making its debut in WoW Classic!

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Season of Discovery is arriving in World of Warcraft, and with it, the latest episode of the WoW Variety Show featuring new challenges across the Season and Hardcore Classic! New activities, new faces, and new prizes, mark your calendar to tune in on Youtube and Twitch on December 9.

Episode 3 of the WoW Variety Show is coming soon to WoW Classic! We’ll be delving into the ominous realm of Classic Hardcore and showcasing the first new Raid from Season of Discovery. This one-day excursion will be jam-packed with plenty of action, adventure, and surprises for our contestants and audience alike, including some new realm-wide buffs on the Variety Show event server. Participation in this episode’s activities have been expanded to include players from all over the world, with !

Think you can take the heat? Join the and to go again!

Variety Show: You Only Live Once

The WoW Classic Variety Show will have three activities featuring our friendly competitors, with some special surprises in store that’ll bring even more fun to the show!

Race to Defeat Hogger

We start out in Hardcore Classic on a fresh server for the event. You’ll create a level 1 character, and race to level up to a point where you can take down the coveted Riverpaw gnoll chieftain. The first player to defeat Hogger while not in a party will be deemed the winner. But it wouldn’t be the Variety Show without the return of our trusty Wheel of Warcraft, so we’re proud to announce our gnomish engineers have been hard at work adding some new unique in-game attributes to help (or hinder) players along the way, more info to come. The event is , and anyone can compete alongside some celebrity contestants whom will be announced closer to the event.

Season of Discovery: Blackfathom Deeps Race

Season of Discovery goes live on November 30, and with Variety Show 9 days later this will be an early opportunity for players to race through the newly updated level 25 raid in Blackfathom Deeps. Gather your runes, and prepare to take down Aku’mai ahead of the competition! Four teams will be invited to compete, with . Spots for this activity are limited, so register today!

Mak’gora Madness

Finally, you remember those characters from the Race to Defeat Hogger? Well while some players go off to fight Aku’mai in Blackfathom Deeps, other players are invited to keep levelling those fresh characters ahead of the ultimate challenge: Mak’gora Madness. Mak’gora Madness will feature one single-elimination bracket filled with duels to the death, culminating in 1 survivor. The 28 players who achieve the highest level before the start of this activity will be entered into the final bracket alongside 4 celebrity contestants. In Mak’gora, anything goes, and to the final winner go all the spoils. 

Of course, we couldn’t end it there. We’ve got some special surprises in store for the show beyond these three activities, so stay tuned for more information on this episode’s additional activities!


Who can compete?

This episode will have activities open to players from around the world! Full eligibility and rules can be found .

How many spots are open?

While our activities are bigger than ever this time around, spots are still limited to allow us to ensure the best experience for everyone!

The Race to Defeat Hogger will be capped at a maximum of 400 players, and this will be determined on a first come first serve basis. The highest leveled players will be invited to Mak’gora Madness at the beginning of that activity.

For the Season of Discovery Blackfathom Deeps Race, each WoW Celebrity Contestant will race alongside 9 WoW Community Contestants for a total of 36 spots.

When does registration close?

We’ll be accepting applications until 10:00am (PT) on Friday, November 24, 2023.

When will invitations be extended?

All invitations to the show will be extended by 5:00pm on Monday, November 27, 2023.

Who are the WoW Celebrity Contestants?

The WoW Celebrity Contestants will be revealed in the coming weeks! Make sure to follow us on Twitter to catch who will be joining the broadcast.

What are the prizes?

A variety of in-game goodies & physical swag will be available to participants and audience members throughout the broadcast.

What are the surprises?

A surprise is defined as something unexpected or astonishing. As such, we’ll be doing our part to keep our surprises hidden and unexpected!

Nov 13 2023

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