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Wow Gold: Meet Pamela Burga, Blizzard’s global Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Officer

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Blizzard Entertainment is thrilled to introduce Pamela Burga to our community. Pamela is our global Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Officer. In this role, Pamela has been working hard to level up and inspire company-wide inclusion efforts for our current and future players and our dedicated employees.

“Inclusion isn’t a destination – it’s a journey where we'll learn and grow together. And this advancement is only possible when we set intentional goals and hold ourselves consistently accountable so we can make meaningful strides,” says Pamela. “Gaming is the most immersive entertainment experience, and we’re building worlds where players have the opportunity to be themselves and feel welcome. These worlds have an incredible opportunity to make an impact, and for over thirty years, Blizzard has created some of the most legendary stories, heroes, and universes that have connected people from all over the world to battle side by side. Whether raiding with friends in Azeroth or joining forces to take down Lilith, that spirit of playful mischief and sense of belonging is something that we’ll continue championing for our players.”  

Pamela has been supporting inclusion, representation, and accessibility throughout the organization at Blizzard. But her work also extends into Blizzard’s games, so that our worlds and characters further reflect and celebrate our players in ways that are more meaningful, fun, and accessible for all. Externally, Pamela seeks to amplify partnerships with local STEM-focused schools like the Samueli Academy, community organizations such as XP League North Orange County, universities, and industry associations. 

In her time at Blizzard, Pamela has begun teaming up with employees at all levels across the company to achieve these goals. “Championing inclusion isn’t a one-person job, which is why I’m so grateful to have such committed colleagues throughout Blizzard,” says Pamela. “One of the most recent things we’ve done, for example, is form the Multicultural Employee Network chapter at our Irvine HQ. It’s open to all employees and we’re launching programming focused on topics such as career development and community engagement. I’m also really excited for BlizzCon this year and can’t wait to meet some of our incredible community members . If you’re attending, come say hi!”

Pamela is a proud first-generation American and college student. Prior to joining Blizzard, she held strategic roles at companies like DIRECTV, SpaceX, and most recently Tesla. Earlier in her career, Pamela taught kindergarten in the Bronx, NY, co-authored a book, and presented a TEDx Talk about creativity in the workplace. A classically trained singer, Pamela also loves all things music and has performed at the Disney Concert Hall as well as in competitive karaoke leagues in her free time.

Thank you for being such an important member of the team, Pamela!

Oct 31 2023

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