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Wow Gold: Enhance Your Style with Two New Transmog Sets!

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Let your personal style bloom with the Corsage Pack or make an impression as you keep watch with the Solemn Watchman’s Garb—available for a limited time.

Bloom Wherever You Are

Let your personal style bloom when you purchase the Corsage Pack. You’ll receive two transmog items—the Fanciful Corsage in radiant red and the Gothic Corsage in dramatic black— as well as an extra 200 Trader’s Tender to spend on any additional items in the Trading Post* you might like to add to your collection.

What you Get:

Fanciful Corsage: Festoon yourself with this lovely, red-bloomed wrist item.

Gothic Corsage: Show your mysterious side with this striking ebony-blossom wrist item.

200 Trader’s Tender

Don’t miss out** on this elegant deal.

Dress to Impress When You Keep Watch in the Solemn Watchman’s Garb

Dress to impress everywhere your journeys take you. You’re bound to be taken seriously in this dignified attire. You’ll keep watch in comfort— and with an air of authority— no matter where you keep vigil in the new Solemn Watchman’s Garb.***

The Solemn Watchman’s Garb transmog set includes:

Solemn Watchman’s Helm (Head)

Solemn Watchman’s Spaulders (Shoulders)

Solemn Watchman’s Cuirass (Chest)

Solemn Watchman’s Belt (Waist)

Solemn Watchman’s Trousers (Legs)

Solemn Watchman’s Boots (Feet)

Solemn Watchman’s Gauntlets (Hands)

Each piece will make a statement, telling the world you’re ready for adventure.

*The Corsage Pack, Solemn Watchman’s Garb, and the Trading Post feature are not available in WoW Classic titles.
** The Corsage Pack leaves the Shop indefinitely on August 31. The Fanciful Corsage and Gothic Corsage will arrive in future rotations of the Trading Post, but no sooner than three months after they leave the Shop.
*** The Solemn Watchman’s Garb leaves the Shop indefinitely on August 31. Items from the Solemn Watchman’s Garb will arrive in a future rotation of the Trading Post, but no sooner than three months after the set leaves the Shop.

Aug 01 2023

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